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my feet are k i l l i n g me

So today my day was basically spent shopping...
Me and Rosemary went to Oakland mall so I could spend my gift certificate there and stuff, we ate at olga's and I bought the Dane COok CD/DVD, Newlyweds Season 1, and a belt from there... Then we decided to go to Target to see her cousin, Donald, I bought A Perfect Circle's newest cd... Then we had to stop by Best Buy for her sister, all in all we had a good time. Our feet were killing us SOO bad, but I guess thats what we get for wearing boots/heels to the mall. Our shoes were cute up until the point where we were practically limping lol.

I got home around 8ish, and watched my Dane Cook DVD with wally and his brother. Its pretty good. Especially since I got the CD and DVD in one for only $14.99... the DVD is like 2hrs long, suprisingly.

Hmm, tomorrow I dunno what Im doin, I have plans with wally but I kind of forgot what they are. Oops.

Well Im probably heading home soon, I dont feel good, and all I ate today was Olga's, so its probably because Im starving :/ I havent felt good EVERY night pretty much since break started. I dont know whats wrong with me.
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