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Im writing my big paper, well, im taking a break right now, but I was writing it. We had to have people in our class check our papers and put in their two cents. The girl, not saying any names, who checked my paper... is stupid. She thinks shes smart I guess, and marked up everything, literally. I'm almost positive that me, averaging a B+ in that class, is a little smarter than all these marks. It just pisses me off. It confuses me on what is right and wrong when I'm writing because I have to second guess myself. Rosemary said that someone did that to hers too, so I guess I'll just write what I wrote all along.

Anyhow, the boys (mike and walter) are playing 007 on my ps2. It's kind of annoying really. Hearing them threaten each other the entire time on how one is better than the other - blah blah blah.

Im PMSing. Bad.

Me and Erin are doin yoga tomorrow, that should be fun. Ive never done yoga before, but Ive always wanted to. Hopefully we'll both like it <33 we like a lot of the same stuff I keep findin out, which is sweet. Plus I just found out she lives on like 6 blocks from me. Hah.
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