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well, i havent been updating a lot lately, and ive probably said that a lot when i do update. Ive just been kind of busy. Sunday was walters hockey game, they won, 7 to 2. awesome. today i went to the dentist and got 2 fillings filled, and i believe i have 1 or 2 more, and im getting my gums shaped. yeah weird huh? one of my front 2 teeth looks bigger than the other because the gum tissue grew over it somehow. its actually been like that for a long time, you probably never noticed it, and may think its pointless to get fixed, but it makes me a little less self concious.

Im soon probably making ONE more journal, and itll be friends only. Not that I have so many people reading this, theres just some things I would like to type that I feel like i cant, and no one should feel like that about their own journal.

My mom got a wisdom tooth pulled today, and tomorrow she has to go to the doctor to get a 'core' removed. she may have breast cancer :/ and they have to take a piece of it out first to find out what it is. im really nervous for her. i hate how they take up so much time running tests, but i guess its for the best.

Rosemary is coming over either tomorrow or thursday, that should be fun...
maybe itll get my mind off of some things that have been going on lately.

Im sorry Ive been leading a very boring journal lately, Ive been tired at night time and too busy in the day time. and it may get worse in feb. because of psychology every monday and wednesday. i dunno...

i do promise to update with pictures soon with my prom dress <33
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