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c l o s u r e

Well, to everyone that cares, Im fine!
I've not been really busy, just havent updated for a long time.
I'm gettin really excited for christmas.
I've colored my hair. Brown. Streaks Soon.
I've fought with lindsey, now we're fine.
I have 9 pages due in my 3rd hr tuesday.
I have 140 notecards to re-write.
Speech on Wednesday or Thursday, can't remember which.
Wally's playin video games.
My mom's gone to a 'princess' party right now.
Michelles having one at my house tomorrow.
My dad gets back from Kuwait on the 21st :)
and I'm sleeping ALL the time for some reason.

I'll have new pictures soon.
I know I keep saying that, atleast on my old jnal I did.
I really will though, probably tomorrow night or saturday.

I'm gonna start updating more too.
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