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well, I didnt go to school today
yet i didnt get any extra sleep
i went with my mom to all her appointments
tomorrow i have my speech for debate and persuasion
erg i put it off so long, but i think ill be ok
lindsey if u get on and see this, what the hell are u ok?!
i heard u were really sick, and since im a dumbass
i lost your phone number since the last time u gave it to me
i hope everythings fine now

hmm, well im not AS depressed as i was last night
me and wally have been really uptight lately
we watched like 6 episodes from f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
i love that show so much

anyhow, i soooooooo cannot wait until break
one more day
and my dad gets home tomorrow night from kuwait
he got to meet robin williams when he was over there
how fuckin sweet is that??
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