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lifes so sweet here in the P a s s a n g e r s S e a t

Ugh, I love the new song by SheDaisy, 'Come Home Soon'. Tomorrow me and Rosemary are goin shopping, but Im not gonna spend all my money. Im saving 200 in the bank for a trip this summer. Im not sure if Im going to go camping or to cedar point... either way, t'will be fun.

Psycology starts in Feb. Im not sure if I already mentioned that in here yet. I know of 2 people that are going there too, which really makes me happy. I thought I would be the only one. Im pretty sure I still want to be a psycologist, but Im not sure what kind, and I figure this class could give me a feel of what I want to do, if I still want to do it in the end at all.

My moms phone has the most annoying ring to it, and its been ringing off the hook ALL day. Its so bad that when its not even ringing, I hear it. I think Im going crazy.
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