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Today has been horrible for the most part...
before school even started i had a stomach ache so bad that i started crying in the office... which is really quite babyish, but i couldnt help it. i honestly thought something ruptured or burst inside of me. Well I didnt go home because I have a massive assignment due on Monday that I really wanted to work on and save to a disk and bring home... did i save it? yes. did i get caught up and start doing something else while leaving the disk in the computer? yes. talk about pissed off and stressed the fuck out. I have quite a bit more note cards to take care of, and tomorrow im taking them with me to nikkis with walter to babysit the girls. i miss them <33 :'(

Well, I just worked out, pilates for the first time. It was good, definitly something to get used to. my headache is easing a little bit, and im feeling a little less edgy. the gin blossoms just came on an old episode of saturday night live, which helped a lot.

poor erin has listened to me rant tonight...
i feel like i could scream... i dont know whats wrong with me
i need sleep - bad.
i want my baby to cuddle with :(

Please ignore this, im being selfish with my emotions and making u all listen, or read for that matter, my sob stories.

im becoming my worst enemy.
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